Moroccan catering service
for major events in Biot!

Allo Couscous offers its catering service to spice up your events with a sweet oriental scent.

Your oriental caterer 
in Biot and surroundings

The Allo Couscous restaurant team travels to Biot and the surrounding towns for all your events. Take your guests to the other side of the Mediterranean for a festive and convivial meal!

Fresh and quality products

Allo Couscous is a family restaurant which works only with fresh products and of quality.

Couscous is a emblematic dish of oriental culture , which requires, in fact, unique culinary know-how . The recipe for traditional couscous is therefore a cultural treasure that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Moroccan cuisine is magical and wonderful, imbued with multiple flavors and a thousand and one spices. Buffet or unique dishes, we make every effort to adapt to your special occasions.

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Our team travels everywhere!

Party room, at home, outdoors, wherever you are, our professional caterers accompany you!

By calling on Allo Couscous for the catering service for your event, you are ensuring quality service and traditional, homemade and tasty cuisine.

In addition, we offer the installation of all the necessary equipment for your reception : chairs, tables, dishes, tablecloths, lighting, etc.

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A couscous party
for your birthday,
your marriage... 
Or your birthday
of marriage !

When preparing a big event, individual or professional, the question of the meal is always a central issue. Look no further for the solution, because a couscous party is always welcome!

One thing is certain, couscous is always a good idea. This is typically the dish that everyone agrees with. In fact, it is a friendly, tasty, exotic and balanced dish that everyone can enjoy!

Couscous is a dish that knows how to adapt to everyone's tastes. Chicken, lamb, mutton, grilled kebabs, kefta, vegetarian, or the supreme version of Couscous Royal, all your guests will find their account!

Call on a Moroccan caterer
for special occasions!

Allo Couscous offers you its catering service to feed all your events around oriental specialties.
To find out about our availability and our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We work in Biot and surroundings for all your events:

  • Individuals: birthday, wedding, cousinade, neighbors' day, bachelorette party, stag party, etc.
  • Professionals: seminars, conferences, vernissage, meeting, etc.
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